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Raising The Bar is Here for You!

My primary goal is to help educate people about money to embrace their finances with confidence and understanding. The truth is personal finances isn't just about math.  It's also about your words, thoughts, emotions, relationships, and past history that affect your relationship with money.  Let's change that today by creating a plans suitable for you that will allow you to master your money  mindset, instill health financial habits, and slam life goals in confidence. 

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This is a great place to get connected with Raising The Bar Consulting, and be surrounded with other go-getters who are also slamming their financial goals.

The Personal Financial Coaching Program

Our Coaching Program will be a heavily involved with assisting you to design your desired financial roadmap.  This signature program will allow us to spend all the time you need to make sure your financial plan is everything you imagined.  We will apply the reverse effect by starting out with your biggest dreams and working down to the most current plan of action. We will stand by you each step of the way holding you accountable of your goals, and homework assignments.


During the your time with us, you will have monthly 2 hour sessions to focus on executing your plan with intention, using a simple system to confidently make financial decisions, while growing a healthy mindset and habits around your money.  


This information is rich, and will include candid discussion, learning, behavioral coaching, and relationship building.

This package is for you if:
You need accountability
You want help to plan your finances for the upcoming year
You need a clear understanding of your financial situation
You are concerned about your financial health
You want to prepare yourself for an upcoming change in your life (job change, house purchase, divorce. etc)


What to expect moving forward:
Monthly package inclusion 2-hour sessions held as a video meeting, max 1 per month 
Weekly package inclusion 15-minute follow-up phone calls or video meetings, max 2 per week 
Email support between the meetings


The Personal Finance Masterclasses coming soon...

I have good news!


Even if coaching isn't something that you currently need, we have a Mind Your Budget Masterclass in the works that may steer you in the right direction.  Our signature budgeting masterclass will allow you to discover your current relationship with money, and offer several different budgeting strategies to keep you on track. Join the waitlist today!

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